About Me


As a school counselor, it is my responsibility to help students understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal dilemmas. I emphasize preventative measures by teaching life skills needed to address matters before they worsen. While I truly enjoy this noble profession, I can’t help but to question who is there to help me sort out my adult problems.

To avoid emotional fatigue or burnout, I write. It is by far the cheapest therapy on the market. As I juggle motherhood, a thriving career, and maintaining healthy relationships, I cannot neglect my own personal needs. In my attempt to remain centered and balanced, life presents a multitude of challenges. So, my ink pen keeps me in alignment.

I consider myself to be a woman with sound judgment. However, I do not always make the right choices while having the best intentions. I am human and I accept responsibility for my actions. And here is the best part… I learn from my mistakes. I am proud of my evolution and hopefully my weekly ink spills will encourage you to know that you are not alone.