The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Written by: Charneise Alston, M.Ed

Today I decided to take a leap of faith by following a life-long dream which has led me to you, hello. I am a 35-year-old woman who is desperately hoping that one day it’ll all make sense. As I dive into the deep waters of adulthood and try to swim against the current of  people’s expectations and doubt, I realize that life can be down-right exhausting at times. When the waves of life are crashing and the tide is pulling me backwards, my ink pen has kept me afloat.

Writing has always been my passion so I decided to spill my life experiences and lessons for all to see.  As I bear my soul on paper, I can only hope that Plenty Ink creates a comfortable space for readers to decompress and participate in the collective human experiences that bind us together. For it is our shared experiences that keep us tightly knit in the fabric of life. So know that you are not alone when life snags and causes you to unravel, we are woven together.

Starting a new adventure can be frightening because it forces you out of your snuggly comfort zone and propels you into the uncharted depths of possibilities. I was absolutely fine with writing brief commentary on my social media for my approved followers. Now, I am daring to be and do more in this life. There is always a next-level to explore if you’re willing to think and dream bigger. So, I’m stepping into the arena with all eyes watching as I expose my most intimate thoughts. I hope that you will join me on this new journey.

What was your latest adventure that forced you out of your comfort zone? Are you daring to live out your dreams? What is holding you back from trying something new?

The older we become, the more likely we are to get stuck in our ways. We are creatures of habit, our everyday routines and norms help govern our lives. I get it… But I challenge you to be intentional in shaking things up every once in a while. I urge you to take more risks. Explore a new genre of music, travel to a foreign location, expand your taste palate, learn a new hobby, further your education, start a business, diversify your financial portfolio, give love another chance, do something new.

I vow to blog with you through it all. So journey with me because I have plenty of life experiences that have matured me into the woman behind these words. And from those life experiences, I now have Plenty Ink.

Please comment below about this topic to become part of the discussion. Also, like and follow Plenty Ink to stay updated on my latest ink spill.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. “

Izaak Walton


4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I Looove it!! I’m sooo excited for you and expecting nothing less than an awesome and overwhelming amount of support and lives changed! I always said, the world needs your commentary…. and its your time!

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  2. Awww this is so dope. Spread your wings girl and spill that knowledge. I’m super proud of the growth you instill within yourself. Looking forward to seeing you strive for greatness.

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  3. Daring to be great is always a fireworks show. Your display of greatness is something beautiful to see come to life on these blog pages. I look forward to reading what life has taught you and what you are willing to share with your readers. Kudos to you on stepping outside of your comfort zone and into the ring of GREATNESS!


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